Monday, September 23, 2002

Haven’t put down any thoughts since my bizarre, manic outburst of last Wednesday. Too much sturm und drang at home, too much going on at work…

Little things. I guess there are dozens of platitudes about how “it’s the little things that count”. But truly, sometimes just the smallest touches can make a difference. I ordered something from a friend’s business and she stuck in a very nice notepad with a little message on the front page. “Enjoy”. That’s all it said. That little note made my day. I enjoy hearing from her, but it was more than just that. I was a nice thought and now I have it, preserved. Not ephemeral, like the spoken word, but frozen so that I can put it somewhere and look at it once in a while when I need a nice thought.

Went to the Maryland Wine Fest on Saturday. Would seem as shame to miss it as it’s at the Farm Museum, a mere ten-minute drive from the house. I’d ride my bike if I weren’t afraid of falling off on the way home (been there, done that). Man, does that thing bring them out of the woodwork. The oh-so sophisticated set shows up in force. Guys with Dweezil Zappa glasses, women with grape vines woven in their hair. It’s a great place to get mellow and watch other people. They always have good music there, too. A jazz ensemble, some blues, a Dixieland group and, of course, Big Cam and the Lifters. Now how could you not go for a group with a name like that? They’re pretty much a staple of the local scene. They play 50s stuff and do so quite well.

Has anyone else ever had this conversation? A while ago I got new tires for my wife’s vehicle. The next weekend I got a pair for mine. She demanded to know what sort of tires I gotten for mine. I assured her they were the cheapo house brand. “Good”, she said, “But you did get a set of decent tires for mine, right?” Just in case you think this is a departure from the norm, I’m currently running her cast-offs on my vehicle. I’m driving on the tires that were too worn for her.

Wife goes out of town again tomorrow. Only for one night, though. But a night of peace is a night of peace, so I’ll take it. Woke up Friday night to her yelling at me. I have no idea what I did to offend her WHILE I WAS ASLEEP, but there it is. Found out if you REALLY want to piss a woman off, roll over and go back to sleep while she’s berating you. I just wasn’t interested. Still don’t know what I did.

Well, time to get out of here. Did some things right today, better hit the road before I ruin my record.

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