Thursday, September 12, 2002

Johnny Unitas died yesterday. The greatest quarterback in the history of football. I’m not exactly a pro sports fan, but there is something about those older guys. They played in a different era. Sports figures from back then are somehow bigger than life. Not like today’s self-indulgent, spoiled athletes, who consider wife beating an acceptable form of recreation. They didn’t need a patented end zone dance to celebrate a touchdown and few had significant criminal records. Johnny Unitas threw his last professional pass in 1972. I played with the Colts' marching band four or five years later and even then, when we launched into the “'Johnny U' March”, the stands went nuts.

Unitas was working out, doing some post surgery rehab at a therapy center when a heart attack felled him. One can only imagine how they feel, having their name all over the news associated with that…

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