Monday, October 10, 2005

When appliances attack?

About a month ago the ceiling in the kitchen began leaking water. It became clear it was from the toilet in the master bedroom, and the leak is in the pipe between the bathroom floor and the kitchen ceiling. My wife won't let me cut a hole in the ceiling (even though she wants it repainted yesterday), so we're at loggerheads. The toilet remains out of commission because she won't let me fix it.

In the last week (so help me) we've lost two more toilets, the washer and the dryer. I fixed the toilets. In both cases a bolt holding the bowl to the tank corroded and dropped out. I replaced bolts and wax rings (just because), and all is well. The dryer started making way more noise than usual. I took it apart and found a piece of plastic in the blower fan. Within minutes of having fixed the dryer, my wife announced the washer was acting funny.

The washer's issue seemed to be with the pressure switch (which tells it when it's full of water), but I'm beginning to think it's with the card that tells it when to spin, drain, etc.

So far I'm three for five, but who could have imagined having three toilets, a washer and a dryer all go south in less than four weeks?

Reminds me of an old movie called "Amazon Women on the Moon". A very strange movie, but mostly a parody of what late night TV used to be like. It's made up of vignettes surrounding the eponymous movie. The opening scene, however, has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. It's called "Mondo Condo" and features a guy coming home from work to find that his appliances have all rebelled against him. That's how I feel right now.

Addendum: I'd forgotten, but my run of luck began about three weeks ago when a nipple in the line between the well and the water tank sprang a pinhole leak and the resultant high-velocity aerosol thoroughly soaked my work bench and everything on it. Took me as long to clean up the water as it did to fix the leak.

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