Monday, October 03, 2005

Got a few extra bucks and need some entertainment? Sign on with AOL and then try and cancel your account.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced. The guy literally would not let me cancel the account. I must have said "That's fine, but I simply want to cancel my account. NOW" ten times. I actually backed down because I woke up everyone in the house after five minutes on the line with this guy. I told him I was sick to death of my connectivity issues with AOL. He asked me to explain my problem as he is a floor supervisor in Tech Support. Oh? Then why are you answering phones on the "cancel" line? I know everyone at AOL reads from a script, but does that script include lying about your job there? Apparently.

Anyway, after some time I had woken everyone up and needed to back off. He extended my account for free and promised to email me details of the half-dozen offers he threw at me too fast for anyone to comprehend.

Did I get the details emailed to me? What do you think...

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