Friday, October 07, 2005

Hook, line and sinker.

I'm told by both Fred Schoeneman and Jen Martinez that the "propaganda poster" I linked to on Fred's site is the work of a lefty who thinks his reworked posters are some form of high satire.

Anti-war I can live with. You can be against the war and still make sense, but go to this guy's web site and you see the usual lefty nonsense: the name of our country spelled "AmeriKKKa", garbage like that. Most of his reworked posters are pretty far out, too.

The guy's name is Micah, of all things. Most of the time I'm above making fun of somebody's name, and I have a kind of funny name, too. But "Micah" fer chrissake? Obviously his mom did some heavy drugs while pregnant, which might explain a few things...

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