Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm not a big television fan, but there are a few things I like to watch. On Wednesday nights I enjoy a show called "Myth Busters". Lately it's been followed by a British show called "Top Gear". Being something of a gearhead I enjoy watching the staff shake down cars I'll never be able to afford.

Tonight "Top Gear" had a special treat for me. They tested a TVR.

At this point I'll have to come clean and admit that I seem to be attracted to quirky things, both automotive and human.

TVRs are about as quirky as any automobiles ever were. To make it worse, while I certainly like the new TVRs, my favorites are those produced in the 60s. I covet one of those even more than I covet a Ferrari. The odd name comes from the name of the company's founder, Trevor Wilkinson.

How odd are they? Check out this beautiful 1965 Griffith. By the way, I watched a Griffith absolutely thump a big ol' Corvette at a vintage auto race near Salzburg. Here's a side view of a Griffith.

Here's some more eye candy: a 2500M and a Taimar.

And finally, a Vixen. Some salesguy at a store in Nashua, which is where I lived when I was stationed at Ft. Devens, had a Griffith. I saw it in the parking lot one day and went straight into the store, found him and asked him what he wanted. So much for my poker face. It was beat up and he obviously didn't give a hoot about it, but when he saw my enthusiasm, things changed. Didn't get the car.

I'm currently accepting TVR donations...

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