Monday, February 06, 2006

Let the baseball blogging begin!

Well, at least let it creep slowly to the fore. It's still only February.

Had The Big Meeting tonight. Around a week ago the league president called me and asked what i was doing this year. It seemed like something of a trick question. I told him that I knew someone else had picked up the umpire coordinator position, so I wasn't doing much of anything. I honestly had no idea why he was asking me that. If ignorance was bliss, I'd have been positively orgasmic at that point.

As it turns out, he wanted me to take over as commissioner for the junior and senior leagues. We talked a bit about the responsibilities and I finally told him that I'd attend tonight's meeting and consider taking the position. The meeting kicked off with a reading of minutes from the last meeting. Well, miracles do occur in small town baseball. According to the minutes, I accepted the post a month ago!

Well, I thought, at least I know my son will make the all-star team this year...

There are a few hurdles ahead: We only have enough guys for one senior league team, which presents something of a problem. Senior league is high school age and they eschew Little League for high school ball so they can wear their uniforms on game day and pull chicks in their wake as they walk from class to class. Can't blame them a bit. I tried the same thing back when, but the band uniform just didn't work very well.

Scheduling umpires played hell on my cell phone. I'm expecting the commissioner gig to play hell on the answering machine as parents call me to complain about mean umpires. "He called my son out just because the ball got to the base before he did. Little Billy just can't run that fast, he's a husky boy. I don't know what you expect of him. He had to come home and spend three hours on his Nintendo XBox just to wind down after that call".

Or: "Little Zachary's coach only lets him play seven innings out of each game. Aren't there 18 innings in a game, like golf?"

Maybe I'm being pessimistic (but on the other hand, pessimists are never disappointed), but I'm anticipating an "interesting" season.

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