Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm sitting here feeling enervated after what has been a very rough week (and there are still two days left to go!) and checking through a few blogs.

It's been my feeling for a very long time now that if Muslims really want to break down western preconceptions and biases against Islam, they need to take stock of themselves and their own actions. Bombing pizza parlors, school buses, airline terminals, aircraft, pushing old men off cruise ships, beating Navy men to death, bombing discos, bombing embassies, bombing peacekeepers in their beds and flying aircraft into buildings packed with thousands of people after gutting stewardesses with boxcutters—that's all Islamic territory. The Basques and the Irish separatists don't even rate on the global scale against what the Muslims have done. Pikers all.

There have been a few—a very few—lukewarm condemnations of 9/11, but that's about it. A few governments (Qatar, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi) have pitched in, but by and large the people are not behind the actions of their governments.

I have at least three books on the relationship between Islam and the west. All are written by Muslims and I thought that I could read them and learn. I have been unable to plow through any of them because each of them begins at page one saying the problem is that the west doesn't understand Islam. That certainly is the case, but the world is a two way exercise. Islam doesn't understand the west, either, but the west has so far resisted using the middle east as a nuclear testing ground. Now, as of late we have indeed invaded two countries, but that my friends, is a matter of finally having had enough. Afghanistan was a vacuum, most of which was ruled by the Taleban, a vicious group of fundamentalists who fully supported terrorism and took great delight at whipping women bloody with automobile aerials. That part of Afghanistan was acknowledged as one big terrorist training base. The Taleban was never a legitimate ruling party. They sheltered bin Laden, we asked them to turn him over and in the name of some all-consuming Islamic fundamentalism they allowed themselves to be destroyed and lose control of Afghanistan all over one man. Despite the shoutings of the left, Saddam also supported terrorism and had weapons of mass destruction. We know he did, because he used gas (defined as a WMD) on his own people and either VX or Sarin (maybe both) have been found in Iraq since the invasion, although the left keeps raising the bar on what they'll consider a WMD. Saddam murdered his own people by the tens of thousands, he imprisoned tens of thousands on trumped up political charges and the children of political prisoners were themselves jailed under horrific conditions for the duration of their parents' sentences. So yeah, we finally invaded two of your countries, but it was a long time coming and richly deserved.

So, with all of that on my mind I found this post at RofaSix. Like NOTR says: “About Sez it All”.

It's not safe for work and definitely “R” rated, but absolutely recommended viewing.

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