Friday, December 16, 2005

This one should generate some commentary (and not only from Les who thinks working with my son equals abdicating my authority as a parent).

NOTR at ROFASix comments on a film called “Brokeback Mountain”. Apparently while the critics love the movie, the general public doesn't.

Must be all those ignorant Wal-Mart shopping, NASCAR watching people who reelected President Bush. They just don't recognize a good movie...

I've never even heard of “Brokeback Mountain”, but it's apparently about two (male) cowboys who fall in love.

One thing that the Hollywood elites, who would never deign to mix with the masses at Wal-Mart or a NASCAR race, don't understand is that most of the population is heterosexual. And even the most accepting heterosexual thinks homosexuality is a bit gross. We're just not interested in it, is the bottom line. We know that it exists, but to make a great love story on the scale of “West Side Story” or even “When Harry Met Sally” ain't gonna happen.

We want to be entertained, not preached to by Hollywood fluff.

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Anonymous said...

Curious choice of words,here:"We're just not interested in it, is the bottom line." Funny, nonetheless.
Hollywood simply is so in love with its worldliness, it does not care about flyover country, except when we don't show up at the ticket booth.