Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In way of apology for my "Brokeback Mountain" post, I'll offer up this weird reply to a Blackfive post regarding the Patriot Act. Blackfive prefaces the post by saying that many of the provisions of the now "Patriot Act" were approved under the Clinton administration. As it turns out (and I already knew this), Clinton Official Jamie Gorelick built upon the Frank Church enacted restrictions on the intel community and quite joyfully hobbled us in our ability to predict terroist attacks. But the point remains that Bill Clinton, the Saint of the Left, approved of many of the measures that now exist under the reviled Patriot Act.

It wasn't all Dubya, boys and girls. I know most people agree with the President, but for the tremendously vocal contigent on the left: Billy started it.

Let me know where you want to start from there.

At any rate, here's the reply. I just found it too entertaining and too moronic not to share:

Have you ever noticed that most supporters of George W. Bush have the mental, moral and emotional development of a five year old who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome? One of the most common "arguments" that Bush supporters offer when their boy, who so many of them are positively queer for (in the Brokeback Mountain sense of the word), screws up and does something illegal, incompetent, corrupt or stupid is "Well, Bill Clinton did it, or something like it, or something that can be construed to be like it in the tiny little mind of a drooling wingnut like me, too!". For those of us who have progressed beyond the developmental level of a retarded five year old this is a lame defense, when I tried this kind of crap as a kid my Mom or Dad would inform me, quite sternly, that two wrongs don't make a right. I guess that most Bush supporters though had lousy parents who never imparted this valuable lesson, or that they were too stupid to understand it.

Posted by: Jamie Jamison | Dec 20, 2005 7:05:09 PM

Notice he takes the "Queer" route. So much for my comments on "Brokeback Mountain". He's positively contemptuous. Sorry, but I'm not the "homophobe" here. And, of course, he calls people too stupid to see everything his way "retards" and then jumps into fetal alchohol syndrome. What a f*cking jerk.

Sorry guys, but this is why the next election will go Republican, too.

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