Saturday, December 10, 2005

I stumbled on quite the coincidence.

While I was in Phase One of the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course), we had two remarkable guys who used to come up with songs for us to sing to the instructors from time to time.

One was a guy from 20th Group—I think Alabama—whom we called Hollywood. The other guy was a former Ranger by the last name of Joseph who we called (of course) Ranger Joe.

Hollywood and Ranger Joe would huddle together late at night while the rest of us were trying to sleep on the plywood sheets that served as bunk beds and make up songs that served us immeasurably as morale boosters.

The instructors at the SFQC are referred to as TACs (to this day I don't know why), and the TACs came to anticipate our song of the day.

One day we came out with “The Sniper's Song”, sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”. I've pulled most of the lyrics out of my head, but I'll have to wrack my brains a bit to provide you with all of the lyrics. So I'll publish it another time.

But much to my surprise, Blackfive links to Uncle Jimbo singing a very, very similar song.

I have to wonder if our SFQC classes weren't close together, time-wise.

Now, Hollywood and Ranger Jo also came up with a parody on “Ballad of the Green Berets” that the TACs thought was very funny, even though it was highly insulting of the TACs. But the “Camp Mackall” song had us doing pushups all day.

I'm not sure of what established tune this follows, but here's the Camp Mackall Song:

Camp Mackall is a h*ll of a place

The organization's a f*cking disgrace

E-6s, E-7s and officers, too, with thumbs up their a**es and nothing to do

They stand on the corners, they scream and they shout

All about things they know nothing about

For all of their knowledge they all ought to be

Shoveling sh*t on the South China Sea

We literally took a break from the training schedule to do PT all day after singing that song to the TACs.

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