Monday, November 01, 2004

Some last minute advice:

If you really think that "looters" stuffed 380 tons (760,000 lbs.) of explosives in their pockets and ran off with them under the noses of US troops, don't vote. You don't have sufficient intellect to be making decisions that important.

If you're not outraged by the fact that Kerry lied repeatedly and loudly about meeting with the "entire UN Security Council", don't vote. You're a vacuum.

If you're not offended by Kerry's blanket condemnation of every service member in Vietnam, don't vote. You have no soul.

If you don't have serious issues with the fact that Kerry won't release his service records (and admitted to it the other night), don't vote. You don't have the intellectual curiosity to make an informed decision.

If you shrug off his flip flops, his votes for then against, don't vote. You have no command of issues, you're simply a reflexive Democrat.

If you don't care that he blames ski slope spills on "that 'SOB'" who was there to protect him and he blames girly baseball throws on the guy waiting to catch the ball, don't vote. You don't care that he can't say "I f***ed up" like a real man would.

And if you don't find the two Johns' hair utterly ridiculous, well, go ahead and vote and I'll try not to laugh at the way you dress.

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