Friday, November 05, 2004

Following a close-fought election emotions run high. We all know that. I expect over the top rhetoric from a small percentage of each side. But it gets ridiculous.

Jane Smiley writes an article that is just so beyond the pale that I have to wonder if she doesn't need to have a serious talk with the nearest psychological professional on an emergency basis.

Some non-contiguous excerpts separated by elipses:

I grew up in Missouri and most of my family voted for Bush...The election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance in the citizenry. I suppose the good news is that 55 million Americans have evaded the ignorance-inducing machine. But 58 million have not. (Well, almost 58 million—my relatives are not ignorant, they are just greedy and full of classic Republican feelings of superiority.)...[ed.--nice comment on your relatives, Jane. Guess you're a lot better than them. After all, they're still trapped in Li'l Ole Missouri while you make your name on Slate]

The worst civilian massacre in American history took place in Lawrence, Kan., in 1862—Quantrill's raid. The red forces, known then as the slave-power, pulled 265 unarmed men from their beds on a Sunday morning and slaughtered them in
front of their wives and children. [ed.--Red Forces??? The attackers became what were known as "Dixiecrats". The Democrats who almost derailed the Republican pushed "Civil Rights Bill of 1964". Most definitely Blue Staters.]

There's more--lots more, but I won't bother. Her hatred is all consuming. Never mind that nobody knew what the hell a "Red State" was in 1862, mostly because there was no such division. Her ignorance is exceeded only by her hate. And while I don't for one second want to diminish Quantrill's Raid, the worst civilian massacre in American history took place on 9/11/2001. As Robert Byrd would say in his oh-so quaint style of speech: "A fie on you, Jane, a fie on you for forgetting that the worst slaughter of innocent Americans ocurred on 9/11/2001, not in 1862".

It took way longer than it should have, but Americans accept persons of all stripes into our country and culture. The real intolerant ones are the radical Islamicists who think that the entire balance of the world should either convert or be slaughtered.

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