Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The post election hatred is really something to keep track of. Just astonishing.

But what's really fun is to watch the left twist and spin as they find new reasons to denigrate the right. Right up to 2 November the Republican party was "the party of the rich". Check back for yourself. There was all of the "pro business" rhetoric, ignoring the fact that business keeps people employed. There was the oft repeated canard that Republican tax cuts were only for the rich, which ignores the fact that in a progressive tax system the rich get taxed proportionally more, so their taxes get cut proportionally more as well. On and on it went--the "class warfare" that has so often been spoken of.

And now, post-election, the whole meme has been stood on its head. Turns out the Republican party isn't the party of the rich after all. We're all dumbass Southerners.

Someone decided that average income per state directly correlates to average IQ for each state. An interesting theory that has a shred of validity and myriad flaws. Smarter people do tend to make higher incomes, but you can only make comparisons on a regional basis. The smartest guy in the world, residing in Montana, might not make as much as an NYC garbage collector. But then again, he can buy a house with many acres of land for less per year than the NYC resident pays for his apartment.

So which are we...The party of the rich or the party of economic underachievers? Pick one, guys.

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