Thursday, September 23, 2004

What a canard. Kerry is scaring little old ladies in West Palm Beach by insinuating that if Bush is reelected, reinstitution of the draft will follow. An out and out canard.

There are currently two people in Congress who are talking about reinstituting the draft-Charles Rangel and Fritz Hollings. Neither of these gentlemen have ever been mistaken for Republicans.

Rep. Rangel has introduced a bill in the house and Sen. Hollings has introduced a bill in the Senate.

So the only people talking about the draft are Democrats, yet Kerry darkly hints that reelecting a Republican administration will lead to reinstatement of the draft. Is there anything this guy won't say?

UPDATE: I guess it wasn't enough to scare elderly women in Palm Beach. Seems Kerry surrogates Howard Dean and Max Cleland are doing the college circuit threatening college kids with the draft if they vote for Bush.

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