Thursday, September 30, 2004

Post number two in the "Kerry will say or do anything" series.

Again, I'm well behind everyone else, but this is an issue that deserves to be kept close to the surface. It shows just how venial Price John is. And how he will say anything in his effort to obtain an office that he thinks he's simply entitled to.

Last week Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ilyad Allawi visited the US. This guy not only has our trust, but he's stepped into what may well be the most dangerous job on the planet. He's a true Iraqi patriot. Anyone else with any different motivations would work things from behind the scenes or from a cave somewhere. A man with no motives other than self-promotion would not be in Allawi's position right now. Quite honestly, he may very well not live to see the first elections.

So what's Kerry's reaction to his visit? Kerry calls him a liar. And Kerry's number one advisor, Joe Lockhart, calls him a puppet.

I don't care whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq, for a public figure to insult an ally like that is completely bereft of class.

And some people actually want this guy as our president...

I guess maybe Kerry can only speak well of the French. At least if he's elected Franco-American relations will improve.

Big deal.

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