Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've spent a lot of time bemoaning the absolute lack of civility and intolerance for any discussion on the part of Kerry (anyone but Bush?) supporters.

I know a certain internet chat room where people can spend hours discussing miosis, mitosis, base pairs, kreb's cycle, genetics, molecular biology--you name it. Yet as soon as politics come up the atmosphere degrades to infantile. "Fuck Bush" gets repeated over and over, as if it's an intelligent, productive statement. Challenging them to actually discuss issues is an invitation to further derogatory comments. All of these supposedly intelligent people, yet "Fuck Bush" is considered a legitimate and unassailable statement.

I thought it was just me, then I caught this link from Captains Quarters. Someone might be tempted to invoke Godwin's Law, but it ain't the same. This is pure, unadulterated (by the way, that common phrase is redundant) hatred. This stuff isn't legitimate disagreement, it's people looking for someone to hate and finding Bush in their sights.

Here it is.

Nice, convenient analogies for people who simply want to hate Bush, but simplistic to the point of gross stupidity. I've visited two Nazi concentration camps and one Nazi death camp. Specifically; Dachau, Bad Toelz (a satellite of Dachau) and Auschwitz. Most people probably have no idea since studying history interferes with their X-Box time, so I'll make it easy--Auschwitz was the death camp. Big time. Dachau and its satellite were labor camps. Not much difference in the end. You either walked from the train into the gas chamber or worked yourself to death over a few months. Either way you ended up in the crematorium. Anyway--to compare Bush's actions and policies to the Nazis is stupid at the very least. To actually believe it? You need professional help.

Go to Auschwitz some time. The museum as it were. First you visit underground chambers in which the Nazis performed their first experiments with poison gas on Soviet and Polish prisoners. The experiments were a resounding success. What sort of people were they for Chrissake? Their mothers must be so proud...

Then you go above ground to a hall of exhibits. They have glassed-in rooms full of luggage which was taken from the arrivals. Then they have glassed-in rooms full of the clothing taken from them. Then rooms full of wigs and such taken from the arrivals. You look at these exhibits knowing that this was the act of leaders who were utterly insane. And who somehow managed to persuade large numbers of people to follow them into the realm of absolute insanity. This isn't making fun of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

We know the things that came out of it--lampshades made of human skin, soap made from human tissue, grotesque experiments in human survival...

Then you get to a glassed-in room in which resides a mountain, and I mean a mountain, of children's shoes. Thousands and thousands of shoes which were taken from children who were then ushered into gas chambers.

You want to compare Bush to Hitler?? You've got a very long way to go. You only expose your own ignorance (and hatred) by that analogy.

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