Sunday, February 17, 2008

The kids asked me tonight what Billy Clinton's title would be if his wife were to get elected president.

First Gentleman?

Well, I had to tell them that he'd be first something, but "gentleman" wasn't in the running. This is a guy who kept a girl under his desk doing you-know-what (Billy seems to crave that particular) while he was on the telephone with a Senator and later Yassir Arafat---and bragged about it. That's demeaning. Not gentlemanly.

I'm much younger than Billy, and yet my generation says that you don't stuff girls under your desk while you have high level conversations and think that's a cool thing. Actually, it's misogyny.

Misogyny means it's all about you. Women are objects with certain (I don't want to get gross) attributes. And that's Billy (and the woman who puts up with him so she can ride his coattails). Suzanne Fields once observed that Bill regards women in the same manner that a cigarette regards an ashtray. I can't think of a more apt analogy. And the "strongest woman in the US" puts up with that. It's all about power--her husband is a misogynistic a$$hole, but she sticks with him just to draw on the Clinton charisma. If she were truly a strong woman she'd have dumped his body in a reservoir.


Murf said...

My thoughts exactly regarding Hillary. As for Bill, you have mocked Hillary's looks in the past. Can you really blame him? ;-)

Billy Oblivion said...

Yes, he married her.

Snakeeater said...

I've commented on her looks, I hope I didn't stoop to mocking. Though I do think her taste in clothing lacks. Pantsuits went out of style 20 years ago.

As for "Yes, he married her", we know that. What's your point?

Va Refinance said...

He did marry her and!!! he's the one that has to be with her and your right about teh gentelmen part Im not sure what he will be called. Im sure they will both be called a nubmer of things.

Crescendo said...

My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

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