Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm curious.

Two Palestinian murderers went into a strip mall in Israel the other day wearing explosives. Dumbass #1 blew himself up, killing a woman and slamming Dumbass #2 to the ground, rendering him incapacitated. Really, guys, if you're to plan something like that, work it out so you don't blow each other up in the process (sorry if I'm leaking new information to the terrorist murderers).

Anyway, while Dumbass #2 laid on the ground he started digging around in his pants looking for the trigger to his bombs, so an Israeli policeman averted the explosion by planting five bullets in where most people have a brain.

So my question is, does Dumbass #2 get his 72 virgins, or did he forfeit it by being stupid and getting shot before he could kill any infidels?

1 comment:

Crescendo said...

Suicide fail. No virgins for you!

Hope he doesn't file for Hamas workers comp, either...