Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh, fer chrissake. The Democrats are all just outraged that Bush commuted "Scooter" Libby's jail sentence. He didn't pardon him--the conviction stands--he simply commuted the jail time.

In the first place, the conviction was a farce. A lynching. Libby said he forgot. You can't prove a negative. You can't prove he didn't forget. Hell, the Clintons spent eight freaking years saying "I don't recall". Worked for them. Secondly, and this wasn't even part of the case, but Valery Plame wasn't "outed". She is not/was not a covert operative, ergo she can't be "outed" any more than the director can.

Sandy Berger walked out of the National Archives with classified documents stuck in his socks and got slapped on the wrist with a misdemeanor charge. Misdemeanor??? The man (I use that word loosely) knowingly walked out with classified documents pertaining to the security of our country stuffed in his socks and the best they could do was misdemeanor charges. He should be in a cell with some guy nicknamed "Tripod".

Teddy Kennedy killed a woman and didn't even bother to report it until the next day. His punishment was to be reelected in perpetuity and to become vested in the most insanely lucrative pension system on the planet.

Nancy Pelosi, the little rich girl, has decided that she belongs in international politics despite the fact that anyone who has taken Civics 101 knows that the House of Representatives is charged with domestic affairs, period. It's that pesky three branches of government thing. It's funny to hear the Dems whine about Bush violating the Constitution when they have no grasp of it themselves. Not that Pelosi has any great examples to follow: Her father and brother were politicians and mayors of Baltimore City and operated in the grand old Tammany Hall style. Her father kept a ledger of every favor anyone had ever done for him, and when somebody asked him for help cleaning up a neighborhood, etc., he consulted the ledger to see if that person had ever done anything for him. Screw civic duty--what have you done for me?

Harry Reid...Don't know much about him except that he has never read the Constitution and fancies himself some sort of dragon slayer. He has a web site called something like "Giveemhellharry" or some such. Never been there. My understanding is that it's purely dedicated to undermining Bush. Hey, Harry, if being a Senator is such an important, all-consuming job, where are you finding the time to publish a self-serving web site?

I gather Jesse Jackson is also perturbed over the commutation of the sentence. This is the guy who has made millions of dollars playing the race card, who got his sons a lucrative beer distributorship by--what else--playing the race card and got his secretary knocked up while calling himself "reverend".

Al Sharpton is also outraged. He's the guy who represented Tawana Brawley while she made up complete lies (and he knew it) about being assaulted by white men, including a state's attorney.

Sheez. Everyone's just outraged. Liars, murderers, charlatans, racists--all self-serving--but they're just outraged that a guy isn't going to go to jail for a crime he never committed.


Fastest Squirrel said...

Pot, this is kettle. Black, over.

IOW... liberals are hypocritical to the nth degree.

Anonymous said...

7 wrongs don't make a right.
Just cause some people got off without proper punishment doesn't mean everyone should.
It's a bad analogy for a bad conviction. It was all Dickey's fault anyways. Scoots took the fall for his boss, like a good solidier.

Snakeeater said...

My point, which you've conveniently chosen to ignore, is that a bunch of morally and ethically challenged people are pretending to be in high ethical dudgeon over a situation which they have twisted way out of proportion and in fact have lied about just to make the administration look bad. And as far as "it was all Dickey's fault", I haven't the foggiest idea what is going on inside of your head.