Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The memories come flooding back. "Anonymous" found me when he Googled "Honeybun Hill" on a whim.

Honeybun Hill refers to a long steep hill that we used to run up when I was going through the Army Special Forces Qualification Course. We usually got C-Rations, but once in a while got hot breakfasts trucked in from Ft. Bragg (the SFQC is (was?) conducted at Camp Mackall which is separate from Ft. Bragg). If I recall, the breakfasts were scrambled eggs. I could be wrong, but I don't recall pancakes. Pancakes would be difficult to pack into mermite cans, so I might be right about that. Anyway, the hot breakfasts were always accompanied by a packaged honeybun. I, for one, looked forward to them. The hill got its appelation from the fact that more than a few breakfasts got heaved onto it as we finished the the morning run, panting up the hill.

One guy I knew swore that after we got back to Ft. Bragg he drove to the bakery, bought a honeybun and then jumped up and down on it in the parking lot. Don't know. I wasn't there.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again,
Lots of memories for me as well. Like you, I remember lots of scrambled eggs and no pancakes - plus lots of grits and undercooked bacon. When we had C-rats, they used to flip the cases upside-down so we would fight for the "good" ones. It didn't take me long to figure out how to tell what was what from the bottom - I liked the ones with fruit. Many other memories as well. Like how they had a habit of waking us up with a scratchy old copy of Sadler's record over the PA. And how they make up bring air mattresses, but in the world's biggest coincidence, they all were flat after the first night. Wonder how that happened? Those were the days.