Monday, April 02, 2007

There's just no making some people happy. I called a girl's softball game this evening, and one of the teams was just getting shelled. The games last 75 minutes and the team getting beaten was the visiting team. At 70 minutes another inning was about to begin, so I went to the visiting coach and told her I'd start the inning, give her girls an at-bat, and then end the game so the other team couldn't pile on more runs, since they were obviously going to win the game. She actually got offended so I said fine, let's play some ball. After two strikeouts I heard someone say something about being over the time limit and the coach suddenly charged onto the field and called her girls in, ending the game. I should have jacked her up for running onto my field and calling an end to my game, but it didn't seem worth it.

And then to top things off, after the game the girls lined up for the old "high five" with each other after the game and two of the girls on the losing team smacked girls on the other team instead. The coach went over and told the losing coach she needed to curb her girls and the end result was a parent from the losing team dashing over to the other parents and screaming that they were "A$$holes". The game was over, so fortunately whatever comes from that is a league issue and not my problem.

But sheesh. You just can't make people happy.

I've been around baseball and softball a very long time now, and I can tell you that coaches set the mood for a team. Bonehead coaches will have bonehead parents and bonehead players. And one game into the season this coach has already poisoned the well...

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