Friday, April 20, 2007

Lots of events to comment on the past week--hang on for pithy opinions about Disney World and the wonderful government agency called the TSA.

Today I heard something to the effect that Harry Reid declared that we have lost the war in Iraq.

Harry Reid is a horse's a$$. He fantasies himself something of a crusader, but a crusader who hates the president more than he loves his own country. He'd sell us down the river in a heartbeat if it discredits the president. What kind of person hates so much that he'd flush the country down a toilet just to "get" a president he doesn't like? Reid maintains a web site called "Give 'em Hell, Harry". What an ego. First of all, the name comes from a play written about Harry Truman and second, shouldn't he be more concerned with the congressional mission to work with domestic policy than his own personal crusade?

Your job, Harry, is to formulate domestic policy. You weren't elected to masturbate your ego by fancying yourself as the president's number one critic. On the other hand, maybe it's just as well that you are consumed with tilting at the presidential windmill, because clearly you're not bright enough to participate in our country's lawmaking process.

I understand that our own revolution against England was fraught with uncertainties. From the beginning it wasn't necessarily popular--it was begun by a bunch of hotheads in Massachusetts--and militarily we could have been crushed at any time by the seasoned, professional British military. The saving grace, which led to the creation of the greatest country on the planet, was that the average person in Britain didn't give a rat's patoot about the colonies, and at the same time got tired of hearing about British casualties.

That's the exact model that Harry Reid is seizing upon, though I doubt that he's smart enough or knows enough about history to realize the connection. He wants us to tire of attrition (while blocking any measures that could move the war into a decisive mode versus pure attrition). He wants us to say "Who gives a fig about what they do in some country halfway across the world and why should we commit troops there?".

Well, I'll tell you why, Harry. Radical Islam is a serious threat to the world. You might remember such minor things as the attacks on 9/11, the bombing of the club in Bali and many, many other incidents. Hell, radical Islam has been at war with the west pretty much forever, but they came out of the closet and declared official war back in 1981 in Iran. They like to behead people with pocket knives. Ever seen a video clip of that, Harry? I can tell you that it's not a clean, painless death, and yet they revel in it. I still have nightmares about the woman I saw beheaded, but those soulless monsters sleep well and do it again and again. I swear they get a boner out of it. If we pull out of Iraq it will become another Afghanistan--a lawless playground for people who hate the west so much they'd load their own children with explosives. Same goes for Afghanistan itself, though I'd hazard a guess that Harry is too stucking fupid to know that we still have troops committed to Afghanistan.

This is a war that we need to win. Yes, it might last a while, but it's better than sitting up at night waiting for the next time some hate-filled Islamist lashes out at us. First it was machine-gunning people at airports. Then pushing old men in wheelchairs off of cruise ships, then throwing bombs into pizza parlors, then flying jetliners into office buildings. Do we really want to back off and wait to see what's next? Let's all hold hands with with Abu bin Buttplug and sing Kumbaya and see how far it gets us.

The war is unique in history in that it's a war against an ideology and not country against country, but it's an ideology that must be defeated. Radical Islam has kept the world in fear for how many years now? Bombings, machine-gunnings, beheadings, you name it. Radical Islam has left a trail of blood for decades. While the rest of the world finds common ground, only radical Islam finds a need to lash out at everyone who isn't one of them. We've managed to resolve the greatest, most powerful standoff in the history of the planet: Soviet Union vs. the West; but radical Islam remains implacable.

Sorry, Harry, but if you want to give anyone hell, you need to start with radical Islam. Give them hell. And since you don't have the balls to do it yourself, at least support the men and women who are doing it for you.


Barb said...

"...hates the president more than he loves his own country."

That just says it all about quite a few dimwits, doesn't it? Are you ready for term limits yet? I am.

Oh - welcome back :-) I like the new look.

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