Friday, February 09, 2007

I know that people align themselves to political groups (Democrats, Republicans, etc.) for various reasons, and most of those people are pretty sincere. They believe in the way a particular group seeks to address issues.

While I can't imagine ever becoming a politician of any stripe, the last week stands out as perfect example of why I could not, will not, can't ever align myself with the Democratic party.

The incursion into Iraq has been controversial, to say the least. I myself wasn't sure that it was really necessary but became 100% behind it when our troops found the childrens' prison (Didn't see that one on the news? I'm not surprised. The newspeople hate Bush more than they care about children.)

As far as the WMDs, Iraq has/had them. Lots of people have said “Well, if they ever find WMDs in Iraq, then I'll support the incursion”. Guess what—Iraq had/has WMDs. Remember all of the photos of Kurds who had been killed by nerve agents? That, ladies and gentlemen, is prima fascia evidence. But Democrat politicians ratched up the definition of WMD. It's a matter of history that the late Saddam Hussein gassed the hell out of the Kurds (not to mention the Iranis who are suddenly on Iraq's side), but now that's not enough. All of this history is somehow moot. We only found one store of poison gas, and that somehow got swept under the rug. Truth is, Iraq had plenty of poison gas and most of it is probably in Syria now, but the weird thing is that Democratic politicians, after posturing about WMDs, seemed to have decided that poison gas isn't actually a WMD.

Yep, you got it. The Democrats said they would support the incursion if we found WMDs, and then when we did they decided the artillery shells were old and not terribly toxic. None of them volunteered to sniff the shells, by the way. We KNOW Hussein gassed the Kurds. We KNOW he had gas, a WMD. But the Democrats hate Bush more than they care about justice.  

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