Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back to Dimocrats, some WMD information.

Once again, most Democrats believe in their positions and ways to get things done. The difference, as Charles Krauthammer observed, is that while Republicans think Democrats are wrong, Democrats think Republicans are evil. There's a difference.

It's pretty damned probable that the so-called WMDs in Iraq got trucked out to Syria while we were making threats. We KNOW that Saddam had gas (Generally agreed to be a WMD) because he gassed the hell out of the Kurds. Only an incredibly partisan Dimocrat could pretend he/she never saw the photos of Kurdish women and children lying dead on the ground. Iraq had gas. Gas is a WMD. Class dismissed.

Jbrookins makes the point that apparently the Dimocrats (Not people with honest convictions, rather the cynical boneheads elected to Congress) keep upping the bar. Every time we find something nasty they say “Well, that's just another weapon, you need to find a 'real' WMD”. Well, hell—if it'll wipe out a city, isn't it a WMD?

Now we find out that the insurgents are using chlorine gas.

“Insurgents” is an important term. By and large, these aren't Iraqi patriots. Iraq is a whole 'nother issue. What we are dealing with is hateful Islamists who are flocking to Iraq (and Afghanistan) to kill westerners. It's truly a matter of radical Islam against the west. And if we don't follow through, 9/11 is just the beginning.

Anyway, they are now attacking western forces in Iraq with chlorine gas. Um, gas. WMD, last I recall.

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