Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Seems Kerry had a bit of a meltdown recently over reports that he threw his Vietnam medals over the Whitehouse fence as did other veterans opposed to the war. The crux of the issue is that while he claims to have thrown them over the fence, he also has them in a frame in his senate office. The simple question is "Did you throw them over the fence or not?" He can't or won't answer that question. He has lots to say when he's asked, but he doesn't answer the question. Takes a bit of time and patience to sort through his ramblings, but I think his answer is that he threw his ribbons (which represent medals) over the fence, but kept his medals. Fine. Then just come out and say it in that many words.

I'm rapidly coming to the opinion that the man has a lot to hide.

The question about the medals/ribbon incident culminated in Kerry attacking Bush (that's what he does best, having no actual principles of his own) over Bush's National Guard record and the alleged missed drills.

I spent time in the National Guard myself. In fact, I sort of did my military career in reverse (no surprise to those who know me). I enjoyed the National Guard a bit too much and ended up converting to active duty, and I'd be there today if I hadn't ended up donating my knees and back to the USA.

Not long after I converted to active duty I started getting letters from the National Guard claiming missed drills, overpayment of parachute pay--you name it. None of it was true, but I had one hell of a row with them and it all came to an abrupt halt when I wrote a letter to the commandant of military records and asked for a precise enumeration of what I owed and why. I never received a reply to that letter, but I never got another letter asking for repayment, either.

Given that, it's no surprise whatsoever to me that some of Bush's drills can't be accounted for.

My challenge to Senator John Forbes Kerry is to find an actual issue and take a stand on it.

Here's the link for the whole story: http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2004/4/26/125135.shtml

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