Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I have some more nominations in the "Hometown Heroes" category.

Trail's End Popcorn is a company that, as far as I can tell, exists solely as a supplier of fund-raising popcorn for the Boy Scouts. Popcorn sales are a big event every year, sort of the equivalent of Girl Scout cookies, though not nearly as tasty. Each troop even has a popcorn chairperson, dubbed the "Popcorn Colonel". Corny, indeed (pun intended), but it works.

Well, Trail's End donated $25,000 worth of popcorn to the Iraqi Scouts. Good for them.

I worked my way up to the job title of Associate Scientist, but after getting hurt and getting discharged from the Army, I started out as a shipping/receiving guy at a biotech firm. I learned all sorts of things about the various shipping companies such as FEDEX vs. UPS (go UPS) and then a small company called DHL. DHL doesn't go everywhere on the planet, but they do one hell of a job with the places they do go. A real class act. Well, guess who shipped the popcorn to Iraq free of charge...

And then there's Minnesota state representative Bob Dettmer. Rep. Dettmer was there for the guys and gals on the Vets for Freedom National Heroes Tour. That alone makes him a hero in my book. Representatives, both state and federal, are notoriously difficult to get in touch with if you're not in their district. I wrote Rep. Dettmer an email thanking him for his support of the tour and not only did he get the email, but he replied to it personally, even to the point of including my name in his response. A great guy.

So, three more heroes: Trail's End, DHL and Minnesota Rep. Bob Dettmer.


Anonymous said...

I am a retired Popcorn Kernel from the Mighty Pack 475 in Palm Harbor, Florida. Thank you for mentioning the great things the boys do for our military through the popcorn sale. This year, Trail's End offered an opportunity for the boys to sell direct donations to the military. Our customers were really happy to see that and responded in kind. I am also a freight forwarder in a past life. DHL was my first choice for small pieces to the middle east. Awesome! Thank you for letting me know how helpful they were in getting our popcorn to the men and women who deserve it!

Snakeeater said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. If you want to know where to get some really unique Iraqi Boy Scout patches, drop me an email at "".

Toni said...

Stopping by to say hey. Been awhile. The VFF Heroes Tour was a great event and we had a wonderful time with them in Nashville. Kate Norley joined the tour in Nashville, now she's hot and got the brains and heart to go with it.