Friday, January 11, 2008

Philip Agee finally croaked.

Agee is a scumbag who worked for the CIA for 12 or so years and then wrote a book exposing dozens of covert operators. He then approached Soviet and Cuban officials and began feeding US secrets to Cuba (which in turn went to the Soviet Union, of course). People died.

Agee kicked off in Cuba while undergoing what would have been routine surgery in any country that has caught up with, say, 19th century technology.

Agee was a traitor to his country and his family. He claimed his "Roman Catholic conscience" caught up with him and forced him to sell out his country. To a system that routinely suppresses human rights and bans religions. He said he was turned by hearing the moans of torture victims in Venezuela (yeah, right). I guess he never heard of Lubyanka or the Cuban prisons.

Rot in hell, bitch.

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