Friday, November 16, 2007

Ok. I'm officially inspired to create my Christmas list and it's all because of this:

Who in his right mind could not want a jet-propelled sh*thouse?

Next it's the catamaran. I love sailing. Now, nothing comes close to the b*lls-to-the walls feeling of a serious broad reach, but the wife definitely doesn't like it when I have a monohull boat heeled over, lee railing touching the waves. Despite the peaks and valleys we experience, it seems likely that I'll remain married, so here's the compromise--a catamaran that won't heel, has lots of space below and enough deck space for some friends and a few adult drinks.

But a cat is only good for part of the year. The Nimble Kodiak isn't the prettiest sailboat in the world, but it's specifically made to keep you on the water after the leaves fall. You gotta love that.

Now this I just gotta have. I can run it up and down our road (we live off of the main road and own the road that accesses our house), or I can use it to run from the sailboat(s) to the chandler's or the local watering hole. I mean, who wouldn't want a motorized barstool?

And if a motorized barstool is a good thing, then a jet powered barstool can only be better, right?

Then there's the Bullit Mustang. I like exotic cars, and I also like good old American muscle. These days there's no longer so much of a dichotomy--American cars are pretty much as refined as European cars, so I can take a trip down memory lane (Remember Steve McQueen in "Bullit" driving his Mustang in one of the greatest chase scenes ever filmed ?) and also drive a world class car.

Not that any of the above are ever going to happen, but a guy can hope, right?

So, in the same vein, I'll have to admit that if I were ever to find Laura Prepon or Angie Everhart under the tree, I wouldn't mind unwrapping them.


Murf said...

Hey, Snake Eater, I tried emailing you but it kept bouncing back. Send me an email from another email address if you have one. The paratrooper one isn't working. Foreshadowing, perhaps? :-)

Barb said...

Ahh, I'm guessing you should get two jet-propelled bar stools, so that the lovely model of your choice can keep up with you ;-)

Anonymous said...

I REALLY wondered how you were going to end this post! :)

Pamela said...

Merry Christmas Snakeeater! Hope you had a good one, even if you didn't get anything on your list...