Wednesday, March 07, 2007

By the way.

As far as "Taps" and military funerals...

Strapped as they are, the military only guarantees two uniformed persons and a tape recording of "Taps" a veteran's funeral.

Because of that, an organization called Bugles Across America has sprung up. Bugles Across America strives to provide a person (not the tape recording) to blow Taps at veterans' funerals. 

I don't want any "props" for this, but I did arrange for someone from BAA to blow taps at my neighbor's funeral. A tape recording just wouldn't have been enough.

The ceremony at the cemetary was simple--almost sparse. But when the bugler hit the first few notes of Taps, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Not even mine.

A last, fitting tribute for a man who stepped up and served his country.

So look up Bugles Across America and keep them in mind. We've pretty much lost our greatest generation, but we've no shortage of heroes, who pass every day.

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