Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I've been quiet for a while. I've seen the news, but so has everyone else and by the time I sit down at the computer I'm left wondering what I can add that hasn't already been covered a thousand times. But nonetheless, there are things to address.

WMDs. We've heard that expression countless times now. President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq based on two justifications: Their possession of WMDs (and inclination to use them) and links to al-Quaida. Despite the protestations to the contrary of such luminaries as Teddy "can I take your daughter for a drive" Kennedy, we know g*dd*mn well Saddam had WMDs. He used poison gas liberally in the war with Iran, then he killed tens of thousands of Kurds with poison gas, which is--well, was--considered a WMD. I say "was" because once Teddy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer et al realized that recognizing gas as a WMD would stymie their "I hate Bush" crusade, they decided to raise the bar. At this point I think we'd have to witness an Iraqi-built Death Star before Teddy and Nancy would admit that they might just possess WMDs.

But facts are facts. We KNOW he had gas, which until the Democrats lost their majority was considered a WMD. And it gets better. Recently translated and declassified documents indicate that Iraq did, indeed, have a continuing WMD program. Not only that, but ties to al-Quaida. And just as I suspected (because I pay attention to people smarter than me), the weapons were shipped to Syria. I'm not stupid enough to hold my breath to see if Teddy wants to eat any crow, but I'll keep it in mind. I'm also curious to see if France, which pledged support should we uncover evidence of WMDs, has anything to say. Peut-être nous avons été confondus...

My guess is nobody will admit they might have been mistaken. Teddy Kennedy is a bloated, self-righteous horse's a$$ who killed a woman and got away with it, yet somehow manages to look himself in the mirror every morning while he shaves. Robert Byrd--the “soul of the Senate”-- is an unreconstructed Klansman who to this day thinks it's acceptable to call people n**gers. And these are two of the senior Democrat senators, if not the two senior Democrats. France as a country pledged to contribute to efforts in Iraq as long as we found evidence of WMDs. Well, we found evidence. Hello, France--Là où êtes vous maintenant? All of the above are so invested in their denials and denunciations of the war that none can afford at this point to make good on their promise of support once their original standards have been met. Can you imagine the fallout if Ladykiller Kennedy would announce to the Massholes who keep electing him that he was wrong, and there truly is some justification for the invasion of Iraq? But, “Wrong” isn't part of Teddy's lexicon. If it were, he'd have admitted long ago that he was wrong that night that he killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

By the way, if you think I need to lighten up on on my criticism of Teddy, try again. It's a matter of record that he killed a girl and swam back to his hotel room to catch a night's sleep before he even bothered to report the accident. He then used his father's connections to get away with it. A police diver testified that given the attitude of the auto and her body position, Mary Jo likely survived quite some time after the crash—maybe even while Teddy was back at his hotel room and in the shower...And now, with 44 years under his belt, he's considered by some to be one of the most august members of our most deliberative body. Congratulations, Massachusetts. I believe in redemption, but Teddy has done nothing to redeem himself. Even post-accident, he has a history of sordid behavior.

Point is, we have discovered evidence that Saddam had a WMD program in place, beyond even the chemicals he was already using. Most likely, we already knew that through other means before the war. Even the most clueless president (oh, say, Billy Clinton for the sake of argument) has at hand a very sophisticated, professional intelligence network. So Bush didn't just charge into Iraq—he had information. And it's pretty unlikely he would set himself up by ordering the invasion with no justification, knowing that sooner or later the facts would be sussed and he'd be labeled a villain.

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