Friday, March 25, 2005

The Terri Schiavo case has me all balled up. As someone who has lived a life which involved weapons and killing a commie for mommy, you would think that I would have a sort of throwaway view of life.

I don't.

Killing terrorists, commies, whatever in the heat of battle is one thing. But I honestly have no idea how anyone can cold bloodedly order that an apparently responsive person be condemned to a painful death by starvation/dehydration.

I looked for links, briefly. There is so much blogging going on about this (and rightly so) that it takes a bit of digging to find a link to a supposedly neutral news source. I found lot of links with information that appeared legitimate to me, but I wanted to link to a known news source so that I couldn't be accused of linking to biased sources (as though the mainstream news isn't).

Couldn't find any in the brief walkabout I took, but I found information aplenty. Things such as--and I don't doubt this for a second--a plan written for the first time Terri was supposed to be starved to death. Whether or not the memo is genuine, I think, as a scientist, that the information is. Basically, it prescibes a regimine of naprosyn suppositories to reduce pain and emollients to hide the effects of dehydration.

If she's brain dead as some claim (and the videos put the lie to it), why the naprosyn?

This case should be haunting people. Something happened to her in the first place, and there is a lot of reason to think that her husband had something to do with it. There are affidavits that he asked caregivers in her facility things like "Is the bitch dead yet?" and "Is she ever going to die?"

It's not a question of dying with dignity (and as one who has seen many deaths I can assure you that there is no such thing). He wants her dead. He may have tried to kill her in the first place--I don't know, but it sure seems possible--but at any rate it's without question that he wants her dead now.

As I write this, she may have already passed away. If she hasn't, she's going to. Nobody except her "loving" husband can change that. He won't, so I truly hope that as I write this she's dead. It's clear from the videos that she's alert and can feel, so I hope that she passes quickly without prolonged hunger and thirst pangs.

I'm not a religious man, at all. But Godspeed, Terri. And if there really is a God, I hope He rips you a new one Micheal Schiavo, you selfish bastard.


Lilly said...

Well, I don't really remember how I found your blog, but I've been reading the archives this past week. You have a very engaging way of writing. Now you need to post more often :) And I agree about Terri. What a shame.

Snake Eater said...

Wow. Thanks. I'll certainly post more often now.