Saturday, January 01, 2005

The US has so far pledged a "stingy" $35 million to the rescue effort for the incredible disaster which has struck Indonesia. That doesn't count the cost of getting the goods to Indonesia and doesn't take into account the fact that we will certainly follow the initial pledge with far more assistance, monetary and otherwise.

In fact, a small charity organization in this county has somehow managed to raise 1.6 million dollars to send. The figure boggles my mind--this isn't NYC or LA. We're a rural county in a state in which tax dollars from the counties go to support a dying city. This effort gives credence to President Bush's vision of faith-based giving. Interestingly, $1.6 million far exceeds the amount thus far pledged by either France or the UN.....And that's just from one rural county in the US. Take it from there.

Before you criticize the US, read more about US relief efforts.


Patrick ASD said...

S.E.: Just a couple of points about your figures in this post. As of Friday December 31 the U.S. government aid pledge stood at $350 million and the French pledge at $56 million according to Reuters.

Snake Eater said...

Thanks for the update.