Sunday, August 29, 2004

I'm disinclined to keep slamming John Kerry just for sport. But there are points to be made, so I'm not doing this for sport. I'm making points. In fact, I don't think I've ever slammed him just for sport, in stark contrast to the left which exudes simple hatred for Bush. They avoid coherent discussion of policy differences, they simply hate. They get a primal fix from their hatred. It's gut level and has nothing to do with intellect.

Anyway, I came across a news item the other day that really fixed an idea in my mind. It was there, anyway, but this cemented it.

Kerry has provided lots of photo opportunities of his "sporting" life. But they're all solitary sorts of pursuits. He rides his motorcycle, he goes jet skiing, he snowboards (he doesn't just ski--he's way too hip for that--he snowboards. He's down with it, Daddy-O). But he doesn't play softball, he doesn't go out in a johnboat with his buddies Red and Stump for a morning of fishing (probably doesn't have any buddies who want to spend a morning with him anyway, but...). Doesn't even take his wife Moneybags--oops, I meant Theresa--snowboarding with him. Total loner.

But back to the original thought. Remember when he fell whilst snowboarding last winter? Classy guy would have said "I fell". I've never been on a snowboard, but I've eaten a pickup truck load of snow in my skiing career. I've probably fallen 10,000 times. I've gone end-over-end, once pulled off a glove to find it filled with blood, all that stuff. It happens. But when Prince John fell, he immediately blamed it on a Secret Service guy who was there to protect him, and would have protected him with his own life even though the very thought of President Kerry probably gives him a case of the trots. Not one to leave well enough alone, Kerry had to continue to call the Secret Service agent a "son of a bitch". You remember the quote: "I don't fall". Everybody falls, John. Even you. Then he called his sworn protector a "son of a bitch". A real class act you are, Prince John.

Well the news item that got me going tonight is here

Seems Kerry threw a wild pitch as the guest of honor at a baseball game and basically blamed the wild pitch on the catcher: He was really nervous, so I held back, Prince John says.

Is Prince John ever going to just say "I fell", or "My throw sucked", or is it always going to be someone else's fault? And if that's the case (and we all know it is...), do we want this guy in the White House? Bush may not be everyone's dream president, but a guy who blames bad throws and caught edges on everyone else??? Wake up, guys.

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