Thursday, June 24, 2004

The administration, backed by oral statements by Secretary Rumsfeld, has released documents saying that they specifically prohibited torture, in a number of forms, in US facilities where we held Muslim detanies.

Get over it, guys and girls. Whether or not you agree with our invasion of Irag, and acknowledging that some GIs have done some bad things to Iraqi prisoners, we've done a pretty good job of prosecuting this war. We haven't crashed B-52s into downtown Baghdad. And we haven't made a practice of sawing hostages' heads off with knives. Some few people made asses of themselves in Abhu Ghraib, and we're throwing a national fit about it. The Iraqi response, in spite of the fact that we're having spasms about a few embarrassing pictures, is to kidnap civilians and literally saw their heads off(do you get my point?--this ain't the axe or the guillotine. We're talking about sawing a head off with a sheath knife). It's not proportional. Not even close.

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