Wednesday, August 27, 2003

I'm really not picking on Howard Dean for any particular reason. It's just that he's making the most news of any of the Democrat candidates. A standout among morons, as it were.

Here's the latest:

"I believe too many people in my party for too long caved in out of fear for high poll ratings, have been terrified by [talk radio host] Rush Limbaugh and all those people, beating up on unions, 'Yes, sir, we are afraid to stand up to the right wing,'" Dean said.

Now I'm no fan of governance by poll, but what he's saying here is that he feels that he knows better than the average American. In other words, "Polls be damned, I know what's right for you". We rule by majority, and he's saying the majority are wrong. And why is Limbaugh so terrifying? Is it because his opinions resonate with a lot of people?

Well at least Howie has cemented the 13-year old internet (DeaN is SoOo KeWl) chatter vote. Maybe he can work on appealing to people with functioning intellects next.

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