Monday, July 14, 2003

Brutal weekend, but I may have discovered the ultimate gadget.

The weekend started at 5:30 Friday morning. Spent the entire day mowing, trimming, raking, cleaning--you name it. Got out of the shower and was buttoning my shirt as the first of the boys arrived for the sleepover birthday party at 6:00 PM. Partied, fed them, kept them busy--hit the rack at 1:30 while they slouched watching Harry Potter. Thought they'd wind down. No such luck. They passed out around dawn. Got them up a few hours later, cooked breakfast and eventually sent them on their way. The rest of the day was a blur, though I do seem to remember cooking chicken for supper.

Sunday was Student Ambassadors. We all gathered at a mall close to the city and the group took a dry run getting on the metro and going down to the harbor. Meanwhile I'm stuck in the mall for three hours. Being somewhat tenuosly housebroken this was not fun. Although I did get an Orange Julius, a real treat since I probably get one every three years or so. Eventually found a Brookstone store. Toys for big boys. Bunch of crap mostly--hammers that unfold to become screwdrivers, that sort of stuff. But the massaging chairs were sort of fun. And there I found what has got to be the ultimate gadget.

A steak pager. Yep. Stick the probe in the meat, put it on the grill and clip the receiver to your belt. When the meat hits temperature, it pages you.

What's next?

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