Thursday, May 08, 2003

Petty bureaucrats, petty bullshit.

I think "bureaucrat" is about the worst epithet that you can call someone. Almost as bad a "senator" or "President Clinton".

Had to get a Maryland state inspection done on the truck the other day. Turns out the tires are slightly larger than what some deskbound asshole in Annapolis thinks they ought to be. No big deal, I have another set at the house. Told the mechanic I had them. He said I'd have to put them on. I told him I could do that, but I'd switch them right back as soon as I got it home. Did he still need me to put the smaller ones on? "Yep". Moron. So I have to change tires for ten fucking minutes so this asshole can see them. The larger tires don't affect anything. They don't rub, they don't alter the ride height, they don't even affect the speedometer reading according to the bullshit radar sign I have to drive past each morning. Christ. Is it me?

I'm in a fucking mood today.

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